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Things we already know about the Titans’ 2008 draft

      This is it
      Make no mistake where you are
      This is it
      The waiting is over

      – Kenny Loggins

There are a few things we already know about this year’s draft.
With their sixth round pick, the Titans have selected DE Bryce Fisher from Seattle, who didn’t do much last year. You can already proclaim that move to be a wasted draft pick. When I buy a defective product I take it back to the store for a refund or exchange. Too bad the Seahawks have a no-return policy and that all sales are final.
We also know the Titans will be selecting an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker and cornerback somewhere in the draft this weekend. Always have, always will. Every team does and it makes sense. You always need linemen on both sides of the ball and you can’t have too many cornerbacks. Linebackers and defensive backs give teams depth and they’re the best all-around athletes to play special teams.
I’m hoping the Titans will address DT and CB early today. A WR, LB, T/G, S and TE are also possibilities.
The deal which will send Pacman to the Big D is finally done, giving Tennessee an extra fourth round pick today.
A reminder to Tennesseans — there is no sales tax this weekend on many items, including clothes, computers and school supplies.
Best wishes to all that the Titans pick the players you like and/or players at positions you’d like them to address. Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I’m looking forward to more of your comments and a good day for the Titans today.