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Things we learned about the Titans and Dolphins


Bo Scaife photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
The Titans think Bo Scaife is a better option than Randy Moss.
I learned a lot from watching the Titans at the Dolphins yesterday and hope you did as well.
Since the Dolphins were the Titans’ hosts on Sunday, let’s start this with things we learned about them.
Contrary to popular belief, the Dolphins are capable of scoring more than two touchdowns in a game.

Anthony Fasano is the second coming of Antonio Gates. The Dolphins did an awesome job keeping him under wraps before springing him loose upon an unsuspecting Titans defense.

Tyler Thigpen is the next Dan Marino. Did you see the way he picked that defense apart?
The Dolphins have a new gimmick offense they call the Wildcat. Actually, it’s the old single-wing offense that some guy named Pop Warner invented 100 years ago. He had some guy named Jim Thorpe run the ball for a couple thousand yards as the Carlisle Indians beat a mighty Army team. I think the gimmick offense story sounds better than some story out of the history books when the Indians beat the Army a century ago. Wasn’t that Custer’s Last Stand?
And now, we turn our attention to things we learned about the Titans.
Fumbling twice deep in your own territory can lead to touchdowns for the other team.
The Titans’ defensive players really love the game. In fact, they love to play so much that they frequently allow opponents to gain ten yards so they can stay on the field for three more plays.

The pass rush missed the flight to Miami and got left behind in Nashville.

Cover-2 doesn’t work very well when the pass rush isn’t there. Neither does any other pass defense, for that matter.
Chris Hope still likes to bite on play action and has been teaching this to Alterraun Verner.
Stephen Tulloch, Gerald McRath and Will Witherspoon are learning a new concept: players wearing jersey numbers 80 and 38 are eligible receivers.
Chuck Cecil and Dave McGinnis need to teach the linebackers that the middle of the field is a place they need to be aware of in pass defense.
Memo to the Titans defense: When the other team doesn’t have a quarterback on the field, watch out for the old single-wing. The other team will line up in an unbalanced line, a stud like Ronnie Brown will take a direct snap in the backfield and another stud like Ricky Williams will come in motion from the wing. General Custer could have told you all about that.
Vince Young missed his calling as an actor. He sure had the coaches fooled last week into thinking he wouldn’t be able to play Sunday.
Kerry Collins thinks his receivers have six-foot long arms and can jump twelve feet high to catch his passes.
40 is the number of deep routes that Randy Moss can run before getting tired.
4 is the number of times the Titans think Randy deserves to be targeted.
9 is the number of targets the Titans think Bo Scaife, Nate Washington and Justin Gage each deserve. Of course, they’re all better options than Randy. He still has to work his way up the ladder to the top of the depth chart, doesn’t he?