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Thoughts on the latest Albert Haynesworth returning to the Titans rumor

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s yet another rumor regarding a potential reunion between Albert Haynesworth and the Tennessee Titans.

Of course, we’ve discussed this possibility before, due to the acrimonious relationship between “Fat Albert” and the Redskins’ new sheriff in town: Mike Shanahan, and the seemingly inevitable ending of their stormy relationship.

Should the Titans pull the trigger on a deal that would bring Haynesworth back to Nashville?

Earlier in the year, I considered the notion of re-securing the services of Haynesworth a no-brainer. Considering the difference his absence played in the role of the defense’s well-documented struggles in 2009, bringing Haynesworth back into the fold in my mind, was definitely worth it…if the price was right.

With Haynesworth and Shanahan continuing to butt heads in D.C., the price for reeling in Albert could be at its lowest. The Redskins seem determined to part ways with Albert, as evidenced by the spectacle surrounding his inability to pass a notorious conditioning test and #92 feeling disrespected due his boss’s willingness to keep him in the game during the second half of meaningless preseason contests.

There’s a part of me that’s skeptical regarding the impact Albert’s presence would have on the Titans’ current stable of defensive tackles. With solid vet Tony Brown up-and-comers Jason Jones and Sen’Derrick Marks and a seemingly rejuvenated Jovan Haye, the Titans appear to be set at the DT position. From a chemistry and a development standpoint, the return of Albert would take away snaps from one of the vets and some meaningful playing time for the youngsters as well.

Of course, there’s a bigger part of me that still believes that adding a component such as Albert could serve as a difference-making move that would solidify the defense while playing a potentially big role in enabling the team to compete for a playoff spot/division title in 2010.

Before many of us get our hopes up, let’s not lose track of the reality of the matter: Unless the Redskins lower their asking price (possibly two draft picks) the chances of the Titans re-attaining Haynesworth may be slim. However, considering the stubborn yet recurring rumor of Haynesworth returning to Nashville, the old adage, “When there’s smoke, there’s fire” immediately comes to mind.

Stay tuned, folks….