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Thoughts on the Titans’ regular season schedule

It was kind of superseded for us night owls by events in Massachusetts, but Thursday evening saw a big hullabaloo with the announcement of the regular season schedule for every NFL team. Here's who the Titans will be playing and when,

Week 1, Sept. 8: at Pittsburgh, noon
Week 2, Sept. 15: at Houston, noon
Week 3, Sept. 22: vs. San Diego, noon
Week 4, Sept. 29: vs. New York Jets, 3:05
Week 5, Oct. 6: vs. Kansas City, noon
Week 6, Oct. 13: at Seattle, 3:05
Week 7, Oct. 20: vs. San Francisco, 3:05
Week 8: BYE
Week 9, Nov. 3: at St. Louis, noon
Week 10, Nov. 10: vs. Jacksonville, noon
Week 11, Nov. 14: vs. Indianapolis, 7:25 (Thursday Night Football)
Week 12, Nov. 24: at Oakland, 3:05
Week 13, Dec. 1: at Indianapolis, noon
Week 14, Dec. 8: at Denver, 3:05
Week 15, Dec. 15: vs. Arizona, noon
Week 16, Dec. 22: at Jacksonville, noon
Week 17, Dec. 29: vs. Houston, noon

Given the opponents are known when the season ends, it's hard for me to care too much about the release of the schedule. The Titans are scheduled for only one primetime game, the mandatory NFL Network game November 14 against Indianapolis. Flex scheduling could also result in the Weeks 12-17 games being shifted to Sunday night, though records and matchups will dictate that. Three straight road games late in the season is unfortunate, though balanced out by the three-game homestand earlier in the season. The Jeff Fisher reunion is after the bye week; the Rams are one of two teams the Titans play who will be coming off a short week after playing on Monday Night Football the week before, with the Texans (at San Diego in the nightcap of the opening doubleheader) are the other one. The game against the Jaguars in November is the only one the Titans play against a team coming off their bye week. Every other foe has the standard seven (or four, in the case of the Thursday game) days between games.

Beyond that trivia, the opponents are the opponents, and you have to play them whenever you have to play them. Playing the Colts twice in three weeks annoys me from an aesthetics standpoint, but it could be beneficial, detrimental, a mix of both, or neither to both teams. As far as schedules go, I'd say it's a pretty benign one, neither particularly beneficial nor particularly malevolent. Go ahead and start booking your travel plans based on your preferred opponent and destination.