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Three reasons why the Tennessee Titans could G.O. for T.O.

Is the apocalypse truly upon us?

As we all know, the ultra-talented but controversial Terrell Owens was surprisingly given his walking papers by Jerry Jones last week. Since then, rumors have surfaced regarding a possible spotting of T.O. and his equally vilified agent/companion Drew Rosenhaus in Nashville a day or so ago.

On paper, never in a million years would be the response to anyone suggesting that the Titans would be interested in T.O. A certified cancer who has played a key role in making the lives miserable of coaches/players in several NFL cities, why on earth would the no-nonsense Titans even consider the possibility of bringing Owens into the fold?

However, while taking a closer look, here are three reasons why the thought of bringing T.O. to Nashville isn’t as crazy as it appears to be.  

The Titans still lack a #1 WR

Don’t get me wrong: I like the signing of Nate Washington and what he brings to the table. He’s an athletic guy who can stretch the field and should provide the Titans with the presence of a deep threat that’s been missing from their passing game.

However, despite his potential/abilities, Washington hasn’t been anything more than a #3 WR so far in his career. Justin Gage, while solid, is better suited to being a team’s #2 receiving option.

Despite his advancing age, T.O. is a legit #1 WR who will require opposing defenses to be aware of his presence at all times. Adding a guy with his skill-set would do wonders for the Titan offense.

Unfortunately, there’s a ton of baggage that accompanies his God-given talents, which is why T.O. is looking for employment as we speak and also the main reason behind the Titans’ likely decision to pass on bringing him to Nashville.

The Keyshawn Johnson precedent

Speaking of baggage, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Titans would be entertaining the thought of reeling in a contoversial WR. Two years ago, Jeff Fisher and the Titans offered “Just Give Me the Damn Ball” a.k.a. Keyshawn Johnson a two-year deal worth close to $8 million, but Key decided to retire to the world of broadcasting instead.

Of course, Fisher’s USC relationship with Johnson probably was one of the primary reasons for the team’s interest in #19. However, the fact still remains that like Owens, Johnson was known as a knucklehead and chemistry killer in other NFL cities and despite that baggage, the Titans were willing to take a chance on him.

Strong leadership

If the Titans were to sign T.O., he would be joining a team that has strong leadership on and off the field. Head Coach Jeff Fisher is a tough guy who isn’t going to tolerate the negative antics of a primadonna such as T.O. Veteran leaders such as Kevin Mawae, Keith Bulluck and Jevon Kearse would be more than willing to read Owens the riot act if he got out of line.

Unlike his previous employer, the dysfunctional Dallas Cowboys, the Titans have the type of strong leadership in place that is capable of harnessing the brashness of #81.

I think I already know the answer to the question I’m about to pose, but heck, I’ll ask it anyway: Could the Titans go for T.O.?