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Time to praise the head coach

Player X, speaking on the role Head Coach played in his signing a new deal:

I’ve wanted to try in my career to be around a guy like head Coach, who loves the game. I’m talking about when he looks you in your eyes, you know you’re talking to a man of character, a man that you know whatever he says he’s going to do.

Player Y, speaking on the role Head Coach played in his improvement:

The attitude Head Coach brings to the players, you see results. You see guys working, guys pushing each other throughout the locker room it gets exciting.

Writing about Head Coach, here’s what one journalist had to say:

It’s not really anything new, but it’ll never cease to amaze me how focused Head Coach is. Professional athletes and coaches are above average when it comes to focus, anyway. But Head Coach is of a different breed.

Writing about Head Coach, here’s what another journalist had to say:

Head Coach he has kept the team afloat, and he has done it with an old-school approach that has an impact on the team dress code on road trips, the atmosphere in the locker room, the attitude of players and Team’s performance on the field.

What did Head Coach do his first season?

Credit Head Coach for coming in last season and changing the attitude around this team into that of a winner. Head Coachis a player’s coach, but one that does not tolerate slacking off and not working hard everyday, whether in practice or during a game. He’s approaching the change he wants on the team in the right manner and is getting their attention.

More on the job Head Coach did his first season:

Head Coach’s reputation was built around teamwork, communication and sacrificing yourself and any individual glory for the good of the cause. In Head Coach’s perfect world, that’s the identity Team would assume. He uses the term “work in progress,” but you get the sense that Head Coach is steering the team in that direction — and the players are following his lead.

Here’s what one fan had to say:

I watched Head Coach’s press conference for the first time yesterday, and frick, if you can’t get excited listening to him talk football, then I don’t know what to say. I can completely understand why players would buy into his attitude. What a difference from Previous Head Coach. … Head Coach just seems like he was born to coach football.

And another fan had this to say:

Head Coach tells the players how it is and how it is going to be in a straight-shooting style that they respond to. They respect him.

Here’s what one national columnist had to say in a story:

Head Coach speaks my language when it comes to football philosophy. He wants guys who love the game, work hard without prompting and can be trusted. If anyone in the NFL deserves to win, it’s Head Coach.

And another national columnist’s take:

It began with Head Coach establishing his program in his first full year. He wanted his players to understand they were a part of a tradition … “I wanted them to take pride in what they were doing,” he said.” He also has stressed all season that they be professional. Make a commitment. Be consistent.

Half of those quotes are about Mike Munchak, the other half about Rod Marinelli. Just in case you thought there was anything new under the sun.