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Titans 2014 preseason schedule announced

Ah, the excitement of April and exhibition football. Yes, the Titans (along with the rest of the NFL teams) announced their preseason schedule today. Here’s what it looks like:

Aug. 7-10: vs. Green Bay
Aug. 14-18: at New Orleans
Aug. 21-24: at Atlanta
Aug. 28: vs. Minnesota

As I have mentioned before, there’s not much I care about in terms of the preseason schedule. The Titans are not scheduled to play any regular season games against any of their preseason opponents. Nor is any game in convenient driving distance of my Chicago area residence, so I will not be attending any preseason games. None of the games are set for a national telecast, though as with all games not on one of the NFL’s major network partners, one or more may be shown live on NFL Network. Playing at home for the final game is slightly more convenient, but that fourth game tends to be part of a home-and-home, and I expected the Titans to play at LP Field after finishing last preseason in Minnesota. I generally prefer to teams whose quarterbacks have a pulse in the more important preseason games, so facing off against New Orleans in the second game and Atlanta in the third should be more useful than facing, e.g., Minnesota in one of those contests.

Those are all minor points though. The preseason is about how the Titans line up and perform. Only about four months until that happens.