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Titans assistant coaches – who should stay and who should go
Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Steve Watterson needs to stay with the Titans. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.

Of the remaining coaches on the Titans’ staff, there are only two I’d really like for Mike Munchak to retain — Steve Watterson and Dowell Loggains.  I would have liked for Munch to keep Mike Heimerdinger as well, but that didn’t happen.

I’m ambivalent about the other coaches.  I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them go.  On the other hand, if Munch likes any of them enough to keep them, I’m all right with that too.

Here are my thoughts on each of the remaining Titans assistant coaches.

Steve Watterson – Probably the most underappreciated coach on the Titans staff, at least among fans.  I’ll bet Munch appreciates him, though.  I don’t see Munch letting him go at all.

Dowell Loggains – A real up and comer, by all accounts.  I don’t know that he’s in the best place right now, as quarterbacks coach.  I still see him as more of a quality control guy.  I’d rather have someone more experienced to tutor our new rookie QB, whoever that will be.  I do hope Munch finds a place somewhere on his staff for Loggains.  A lot of this will probably depend a lot on who the next offensive coordinator will be.

John Zernhelt – Munch has obviously worked pretty closely with “Z” over the years and I’d be surprised if Munch makes a change here.  A former line coach, Zernhelt has had two good blockers in Craig Stevens and Alge Crumpler, who some people said couldn’t block before he got here.  Now if only he can teach Jared Cook to block.

Dave McGinnis – I’m not thrilled about McGinnis, as I wrote in this piece, where I noted his linebackers were the worst group on a defense that was awful at times last year.  Good news: Jim Wyatt reports Munch has identified Frank Bush as a candidate to become his linebackers coach.  Bad news: McGinnis might stay on as assistant head coach/defense.

Marcus Robertson – He’s starting to look like another example that good players don’t necessarily make good coaches.  The secondary has been rather poor the last two seasons and you can’t put all the blame for that on Chuck Cecil.  In my opinion, fans have given Robertson too much slack due to his status as a former Titan.

Tim Hauck – He’s probably on more solid ground than Robertson, which isn’t saying a lot.  It’s kind of hard to judge an assistant position coach, given his limited authority and responsibility.

Alan Lowry – I’m not a Lowry fan but he is a decent coach.  I imagine Munch keeps both him and his assistant, Marty Galbraith.  I’m more sure that Lowry will rejoin Jeff Fisher in a year or two.

Those are my thoughts on the remaining assistants Munch has held over so far.  What are your thoughts on them?