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Titans at Green Bay gameday

Tulloch starting for Bulluck tonight, Allred for Thornton.
Stewart, Harper and Carr are questionable. Bironas, Hawkins and C. Williams are out.
Titans’ starters to play into the third quarter. Packer starters will only go for about ten plays. If the Titans’ offense can’t score against Green Bay’s reserves, problems are worse than we thought. The Packers’ starting CBs, Woodson and Harris and DE KGB, are listed as questionable, so don’t expect to see much of them. LB A.J. Hawk is out. Even when the Packers’ first-string defense is on the field, it won’t be their true #1 defense.
A no-win situation for the Titans’ offense. If they play well, it’s to be expected against the Packers’ backups. If they don’t play well, they’re really going to be criticized.
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