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Titans’ draft has not gone well so far

I have little doubt that not too many Titans’ fans are pleased with the selections made on Day One. The only people who should be happy about it are the three selectees, their families and their agents.
First-round pick Michael Griffin is a guy who has the talent to become a very good player and should be an upgrade at free safety. The problem is, drafting Griffin is like putting a bandaid on a patient who has more serious injuries to other parts of the body.
The second- and third-round selections are guys who, according to the scouting reports I’ve read, are reaches. They have good measurables but don’t produce on the field, guys who look like Tarzan and play like Jane.
The Titans have seven draft picks on Day Two, with two in the fourth round, one in the fifth, three in the sixth and one in the seventh. The league has a lot of good players, and a few great ones, who were second day picks. It’s possible that Mike Reinfeldt might find a few of these diamonds in the rough. I am reminded of the old saying about even a blind squirrel occasionally finding a nut.
No matter how well Reinfeldt and the Titans draft today, it probably won’t be enough to make up for the apparent botch-ups yesterday in the minds of many fans.
The heck with drafting track stars. Let’s get some football players.
— The Titans still need a defensive end, defensive tackle, another receiver and another cornerback. Drafting a guard would also be a wise move and tight end remains a possibility.
— In related news, Michael Turner is still in San Diego, where it looks like he’ll stay for the final year on his contract. The Chargers’ trade talks with Tennessee, Buffalo, and Green Bay did not produce any results.
— The internet rumor about Detroit’s Mike Williams being traded to Tennessee proved to be just that — a rumor. The Lions traded Williams to the Raiders instead.