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Titans fans could use a misery index
Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Bud Adams isn’t a happy camper anymore.

Titans owner Bud Adams, on evaluating Jeff Fisher’s job performance:

“I am not too happy right now… We’ll go up to the end of the season and then I’ll make my decision. I am not very pleased with what has happened here.”
I’m not pleased, either, to put it mildly. I don’t believe any Titans fans are pleased. Another six-game losing streak. The wheels have fallen off and we’re looking at rebuilding, waiting for next year.
We see crappy performances on the field and our eyes have not deceived us. The stats back it up, as does the 5-8 record, which is on course for 5-11.
Here are some stats that really hurt, after the jump. 
Defense – opponent’s time of possession, 34:37 – most in the NFL
Defense – plays from scrimmage, 920 – most in the NFL
Offense – time of possession, 25:54 – least in the NFL
Offense – plays from scrimmage, 730 – fewest in the NFL

Our defense is giving opponents more opportunities to score than any other defense in the league. Very friendly of them. Our offense is not giving itself enough opportunities to score.  The defense can’t get off the field and the offense can’t stay on it.

That’s a real double shot.
Let’s put one of these stats into context, to show how bad it really is. The offense has run 730 plays from scrimmage, which is last in the league. That’s in thirteen games. Four teams have only played twelve games but have still run more plays from scrimmage than the Titans have. Think about that one for a moment.
Other stats aren’t quite as bad. The offense is only 31st in first downs per game and the defense is 29th. 
Bud doesn’t need to see those stats to know this once-promising team has become a bad one. Nor do we, I only mention the stats to put the badness into context.
I wonder if some of these stats can be combined to create a misery index for Titans fans. The misery index is an economic indicator which is determined by adding the unemployment rate to the rate of inflation. I see some parallels. We need one of those, just to remind us how bad it is. Even though it’s no surprise every time the Titans go three and out or when they allow opponents to convert third downs.
Here are some more miserable numbers to chew on, regarding the positioning for the 2011 draft. I’ll be updating this chart weekly until the end of this miserable season when we’ll find out exactly how high the Titans will draft. All projections are mine.
2011 NFL Draft positioning
Team Record Remaining games Proj record Proj draft pick
Carolina 1-12 Cardinals, Steelers, Falcons 2-14 1 or 2
Cincinnati 2-11 Browns, Chargers, Ravens 2-14 1 or 2
Buffalo 3-10 Dolphins, Patriots, Jets 3-13 3 to 5
Denver 3-10 Raiders, Texans, Chargers 3-13 3 to 5
Detroit 3-10 Bucs, Dolphins, Vikings 3-13 3 to 5
Arizona 4-9 Panthers, Cowboys, 49ers 5-11 6 or 7
Dallas 4-9 Redskins, Cardinals, Eagles 6-10 8 to 12
Tennessee 5-8 Texans, Chiefs, Colts 5-11 6 or 7

Right now the Cowboys have one less win than the Titans but that should change. Dallas should be favored to beat both the Redskins and Cardinals and will probably finish with six wins. I’ve still got the Titans losing out to finish 5-11 and drafting sixth or seventh.