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Titans fire Mike Munchak

Our waiting period is over, as the Titans have fired head coach Mike Munchak after three seasons.

The firing comes a day after a day-long meeting between Munchak, general manager Ruston Webster, and owner Tommy Smith in Houston. The meeting ended with statements from Webster and Smith indicating no decisions had been made. Whatever had to happen before a decision was made, most likely Munchak deciding if it was worth spending another year as head coach after firing a number of assistants, probably including among others close friends offensive line coach Bruce Matthews and linebackers coach Chet Parlavecchio, has now happened, and not to the satisfaction of Webster and Smith.

Next step: Probably the firing of those assistants without whom Munchak was unwilling to continue. Not long after, or even simultaneously, the search for a new head coach. The Titans reportedly reached out to potential candidates even before Friday's meeting. Speculating on choices is probably not worthwhile at this point, aside from the obvious in-house candidate in Gregg Williams. If it's not in fact Gregg, though, I would not expect the next Titans head coach to be a big name.

More later, as we get more details on what happened and why and what happens next.