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Titans give Jaguars their first win, 29-27

How do you lose a game when you're a heavy favorite and playing a much worse team, the way the Tennessee Titans were today against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game that ended a 29-27 Jacksonville victory? Let's see.

1. You turn the ball over early, giving your opponent good field position they're able to cash in for a touchdown. Check, as Chris Johnson's fumble gave the Jaguars the ball in the red zone and set up a Maurice Jones-Drew touchdown.

2. When you get good field position, you don't take advantage of it. Check, as two Chad Henne interceptions that gave the Titans the ball inside the Jacksonville 30 became 3 points between a three-and-kick and a bad exchange between Chris Johnson and Jake Locker.

3. Your nominal best players don't have good games. Check, as a week after Chris Johnson managed 150 yards and two touchdowns against a defense that had been good at times he finishes with 12 carries for 30 yards, those fumbles, and at least one drop against a bad Jaguars defense. Jake Locker was awful, going 4-9 for 24 yards and a bad interception before leaving the game with a right foot injury that seems likely to keep him out of at least Thursday's game against Indianapolis.

4. You let the other team score points when you're snapping the ball. Check, as a Chance Warmack holding penalty gave the Jaguars a safety and a Ryan Fitzpatrick fumble-sack gave the Jaguars the clinching TD to make it 29-20 with 2:32 to play.

5. You play like you believe all you  have to do is play the game you want to play, instead of taking control of the game early by taking some risks. Check, as the Titans ran the ball early, often, and ineffectively in racing out to a 10-0 deficit.

6. You fail to convert in key situations. Check, as the Titans had drives that ended in kicks following third-and-3, third-and-2, third-and-1, and third-and-3.

Add them all up, and more mistakes I didn't mention, and you get one horrible loss to a dreadful team.