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Titans hire Brett Maxie as secondary coach

The Tennessee Titans announced today that they hired Brett Maxie as their now secondary coach. The move comes as no big surprise, as it was previously reported the Titans had requested permission from the Dallas Cowboys to interview Maxie, whose contract with the Cowboys to serve as their secondary coach was expiring.

I have particularly insightful to say about Maxie, and only vaguely remember his existence as a safety for the Saints, Panthers, and other teams during a 12-year NFL career. Maxie previously served as a secondary coach with the 49ers, Falcons, and Dolphins before spending the past four years with the Cowboys, and this will be his first time receiving an NFL paycheck from Bud Adams.

In taking the job, Maxie replaces the departed Marcus Robertson, who had been one of the holdovers from the Jeff Fisher era. I have no strong feelings one way or the other on Robertson’s firing, beyond noting that with a deeply truncated offseason and a secondary returning its top five players it made perfect sense to retain Robertson for the 2011 season unless he was actively bad. I saw no indication he was, but am interested to see the Titans bring in a position coach with a lot of experience around the league.