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Titans Introduce Reinfeldt

The Titans held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to officially introduce Mike Reinfeldt as their new general manager. A lot has been said about him by former colleagues and this was an opportunity to hear some things said about him by his new colleagues, Titans COO Steve Underwood and coach Jeff Fisher.
More importantly, it was an opportunity to hear what he had to say.
Here are some highlights of the presser:
Steve Underwood:

In choosing Mike Reinfeldt, Mr. Adams has selected a person with deep roots in our organization as a player but who has since become known as an NFL front office executive with both administrative and personnel experience, unblemished integrity, a solid reputation for hard work and leadership and the ability to work in collaboration with his colleagues.

Mike Reinfeldt:

I’m of the belief that you don’t have to go into salary cap jail. I think you can maintain it on a consistent basis. I would like for us to be consistently a playoff team and you can do that. Teams have shown that you can do that. We will work hard going forward to make that a reality.

Jeff Fisher:

I’m excited about the direction we’re headed. Mike has great ideas. He understands people, and he understands needs. So I’m looking forward to the future.

I like what everyone had to say, especially Reinfeldt’s comments about the salary cap.
The transcript of the press conference can be read here.