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Titans picks in the 2011 draft

With Friday’s announcement of the compensatory picks, including that the Titans received additional selections in the 4th and 7th rounds, we now know the full NFL draft order.  The Titans currently have the following picks:

1st round, 8th overall (own)
2nd round, 39th overall (own)
3rd round, 77th overall (own) 
4th round, 109th overall (own) 
4th round, 130th overall (compensatory)
5th round, 142nd overall (own)
6th round, 175th overall (own)
7th round, 212th overall (own)
7th round, 251th overall (compensatory)

As a reminder, compensatory picks cannot be traded, so we know the Titans will be taking at least two players in next month’s draft.

I plan to update this post with any future changes in where the Titans will make selections, because frankly do you know how much of a pain it is to figure out 6 years later which draft picks were traded. 

UPDATE #1: The Detroit Lions were re-awarded a pick that was taken away from them for tampering, so the Titans’ seventh-round compensatory selection moved down one pick, from 250 to 251.