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Titans play-calling by down and quarterback

No, I’m not posting more. In fact, I’m not providing much analysis. Instead, while I was running some Raiders and Broncos splits for my writing for Football Outsiders Almanac 2014, I went ahead and ran some Titans splits along the same lines.

This is just simply play-calling, by quarterback, by down, and by quarter. The Jake Locker sample includes Weeks 1-3, 4 (the Jets game) until he was injured, 7, 9, and 10 until he was injured. The Ryan Fitzpatrick sample includes only Weeks 11-17. I limited the Fitzpatrick sample to those plays because that’s when they made an attempt to shift the offense toward what they thought Fitzpatrick did well, as opposed to still trying to run the Jake Locker Offense when he started in Weeks 5 and 6 against the Chiefs and Seahawks.

Quarterback  Down  Quarter  Runs  Passes
Jake Locker 1st 1st 22 22
2nd 28 22
3rd 20 12
4th 22 21
2nd 1st 19 13
2nd 20 18
3rd 20  6
4th 11 22
3rd 1st 0 23
2nd 6 24
3rd 3 15
4th 5 20
Ryan Fitzpatrick 1st 1st 27 19
2nd 32 19
3rd 34 14
4th 28 32
2nd 1st 16 21
2nd 17 30
3rd 12 25
4th 15 29
3rd 1st 0 18
2nd 3 26
3rd 3 21
4th 6 22

What does this all mean?

I don’t know, I don’t have time to think about that right now. I do know, or think I know, some things, though. Speaking generally, what teams do in the first half is all about what they want to do. What teams do in the second half is more a function of game situation. Fourth quarter sample sizes are skewed by teams running more plays when they’re trailing and need to pass and fewer plays when they’re leading and running to burn clock, so you would expect much pass heavier-splits in the fourth quarter. Those Fitzpatrick first and second down splits, though, especially in the third quarter…