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Titans positional analysis – quarterbacks

We conclude the analyses of offensive position groups with the quarterbacks. It’s one position that’s set in stone. The only question seems to be whether the Titans will keep two or three QBs on the roster.
They’ve done it both ways in the past, although when they’ve kept two, they’ve usually had a third on the practice squad. Last year they started the season with three on the active roster, but ended with two. The Titans did not acquire a replacement after trading Billy Volek.
Vince Young will be the man again this season, with twelve-year veteran Kerry Collins as the number two. Tim Rattay will be the third, if there is a third.
Here’s a quick look at each of them.
Young will definitely need to improve his accuracy, and has been working on that. How much of an improvement he’ll make will have a bearing on the Titans’ success this year. Vince brought some of the receivers to his home in Houston, where he’s been working with them this summer.
I know my partner Tom doesn’t have many good things to say about Collins for his poor play last year. Jeff Fisher, Norm Chow and Craig Johnson can’t be too happy about it either, but they are very pleased with how Collins handled being benched and the way he helped Vince out. Based on that, he’s got the backup spot secured, which prompted the Titans to tell Rattay that when he signed on to be the number three man.
I haven’t seen Rattay play much at all, probably in large part because he only has 18 starts in seven seasons, half of them in 2004. He’s also played on teams (49ers and Bucs) that haven’t had much national TV coverage when he was with them. He does have a decent 82.6 QB rating, with a 78.1 mark in 2004.
Kent Smith and David Koral will also be in training camp. As first-year players, they each qualify for a job on the practice squad and will likely be competing for that if Rattay doesn’t stay on as the third QB.
Here are the career stats for Young, Collins and Rattay.

Career Stats GS Att Comp Pct Yards YPA TDs Int Rate
Vince Young 13 357 184 51.5 2,199 6.16 12 13 66.7
Kerry Collins 148 5172 2868 55.5 34,186 6.61 174 172 73.2
Tim Rattay 18 687 417 60.7 4,689 6.83 28 20 82.6

Update: Smith and Koral were both released, July 18.