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Titans receive three compensatory picks

Ruston Webster's 2012 free agent strategy paid off today, as the NFL announced the Titans were awarded three compensatory picks, in the third, sixth, and seventh rounds. The Titans lost Cortland Finnegan, Jason Jones, and William Hayes. Ballpark, they got the third for Finnegan, the sixth for Jones, and the seventh for Hayes, while not signing any qualifying free agents. As players who were cut by their former team instead of free agents, Kamerion Wimbley and Steve Hutchinson were not counted in the compensatory picks formula. They also waited long enough to sign Kyle DeVan so he did not count in the formula either.

With the award of the compensatory picks, the Titans now hold the following picks in the draft:

1st round, 10th overall (own)
2nd round, 40th overall (own)
3rd round, 70st overall (own)
3rd round, 97th overall (compensatory)
4th round, 107th overall (own)
5th round, 142th overall (own)
6th round, 202nd overall (compensatory)
7th round, 216th overall (own)
7th round, 248th overall (compensatory)

As a reminder, I'll be updating this previous post to reflect any and all draft pick transactions, not this one.

Ballparking things, and subject to change with further changes in which picks the Titans have, I expect the Titans to end up with a rookie pool amount of about $6.5 million to sign their draft picks. Note that that $6.5 million figure is not how much cap space the Titans will need to sign their draft picks; that's a more complicated question, but figure around $3 million.

With their additions this offseason, do not expect the Titans to receive any compensatory picks in 2014.