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Titans-related thoughts on the Super Bowl

As usual, some things occurred in the Super Bowl that reminded me in some ways of the Titans.
Peyton and Eli Manning have won back to back Super Bowls as starting quarterbacks. The Titans defeated Peyton’s Colts and Eli’s Giants in back to back games a year ago. Tennessee still has a ways to go before they become an upper shelf team, but they’re now competitive again and not that far away.
Before the Super Bowl, the last team to beat New England was our Tennessee Titans. OK, it was in the preseason, so that technically doesn’t count, but the Titans’ starters got the better of the Patriots’ starters in the first half of their matchup. They put a very strong pass rush on Tom Brady and knocked him on his butt a few times. The Giants did the same against Brady Sunday night. Pressure from the front four makes a huge difference in slowing the Pats down. Given time to throw, Brady will pick a team apart. Neither the Titans nor the Giants gave him the luxury of time to survey the field.
The Giants have one of the best d-lines in the league. So do the Titans. The front four of the G-men outperformed the Patriots o-line in the Super Bowl. The Titans’ front four did the same last August.
Tennessee picked one spot before the Giants in last year’s draft. In the second round, the Titans selected a back who didn’t do diddly squat. The Giants selected a receiver who didn’t do much in the regular season either, but Steve Smith came up big in the Super Bowl with five receptions for 50 yards. You think Mike Reinfeldt would like to have a mulligan on that pick?
With all the problems in the Titans’ passing game, don’t you wish they had also drafted Kevin Boss a year ago? This guy has a promising future.
Your thoughts?