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Titans Roster Projections

Rosters across the league are mandated to be reduced to 53 players by Saturday. Now at 75 players, the Titans need to cut 22 and we all have a pretty good idea of who they’ll be.
Following is my projected roster, but I only have 52 men on it for now. I’m still unsure about several guys on the bubble. Who will be the 53rd man?
Will the Titans keep two or three QBs? Do they think Ealy can make it through waivers so they can put him on the practice squad? Have the Titans given up on Roby? What’s the status of Long’s achilles tendon?
These questions, plus Thursday night’s game, will probably determine the answers. But only for a few days. When releases are made Saturday, the Titans will be looking closely at them and will try to sign a few of them.
Note on breaking news – I have added DT Corey Simon, who has just agreed to terms with Titans
QB (2) Young, Collins
RB (3) White, Brown, Henry
FB (2) Hall, Cramer
TE (3) Scaife, Troupe, Hartsock
OL (8) Roos, Bell, Mawae, Olson, Stewart, Amano, Harris, Loper
WR (6) Moulds, Jones, R. Williams, P. Williams, Davis, Gage
Subtotal Offense – 24 players
DE (4) Vanden Bosch, Odom, LaBoy, Conover
DT (4) Haynesworth, Simon, Brown, Starks
LB (6) Bulluck, Fowler, Thornton, Tulloch, Woods, Gardner
CB (6) Harper, Griffin, Finnegan, Herndon, Hill, King
S (5) Hope, Thompson, Lowry, Nickey, Fuller
Subtotal Defense – 25 players
Special Teams (3) Hentrich, Bironas, Amato
On the Bubble – QB Rattay, WRs Ealy and Roby, DTs Mahelona and Long
PUP – Givens
IR – Ford, Johnson, Waddell, Woolfolk
Suspended – Jones