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Titans run over Jaguars 13-10

One team was supposed to both run the ball and stop the run. The wrong team did both.
One team was supposed to be used to the heat while the other one wilted.
It was Jacksonville that couldn’t run or stop the run and looked to grow increasingly tired as the game progressed.
This was the most dominating performance by an offensive line I’ve seen in a while. I liked the Titans feeding the Jaguars a steady diet of LenDale White in the first quarter. No big gainers, mostly three yards a pop, but he pounded away. My worries that the Titans couldn’t run the ball were proved wrong.
Chris Brown took over the load in the second quarter and had a great game. He and White alternated a lot in the second half and all of a sudden the loss of Travis Henry doesn’t seem so significant.
This game was reminiscent of the 1999 AFC championship, when the Titans ran the ball down the Jaguars’ throats, especially in the second half. In both games, the Jags knew it was coming and couldn’t stop it.
Albert Haynesworth had an outstanding game. I don’t why he was called for that personal foul. Albert was in the Jags backfield a lot and with Tony Brown kept the middle clogged all day. He was also in David Garrard’s face a lot.
The defense played well throughout. They gave up one big play and otherwise held the Jags in check for the most part.
The win could have been even more impressive. Tennessee failed to capitalize on some red zone opportunities and they could have had a few interceptions.
My hat is also off to Norm Chow, who I thought called a great game. He kept the Jags spread out and off balance. He mixed things up and I especially loved the misdirection calls.
I’m looking forward to the Colts game next week. I’ll bet Tony Dungy and his defensive coordinator aren’t looking forward to the game quite as much and won’t get much sleep this week.