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Titans screw up in firing Chow

Jeff Fisher is typically a very good communicator who excels in personal and media relations, but he and the Titans have made another public relations gaffe with the way they fired Norm Chow.
It’s about as bad as the way they locked Steve McNair out of the Titans’ training facility two years ago.
Fisher didn’t fire Chow face-to-face, but by telephone. The seat in Chow’s old office was still warm when his replacement was hired. Just a few days, that was pretty quick work. Almost seems that a few things were prearranged.
Nah, couldn’t be! That would be wrong.
Maybe the Titans’ offensive problems were Norm’s fault. After all, he refused to install a spread option that could have ended Vince Young’s career. He didn’t utilize Ben Troupe and his firm command of the playbook. He didn’t let Vince sit back in the pocket with a bombs-away vertical attack to glue-fingered receivers who could stretch the field. Nope, what he did most was that boring thing Fisher likes best, running the football with a big back.
I thought Chow had a good line about his dismissal:

      “Three years of giving everything I had and it took him three minutes [to fire me].”

If you agree that Norm Chow got screwed, then you might get a chuckle out of these imaginary conversations between Bud Adams, Fisher and Chow. Warning: adult language.
Fisher said in his press conference this morning that Mike Heimerdinger was the best playcaller he had ever been around. That’s interesting, since Fisher boasted three years ago that Chow was recommended to him as the best playcaller he’d ever meet.
After Heimerdinger left and Fisher hired Chow three years ago, Fish told the Dinger he had replaced him with someone better. Fisher may have been just taking a dig at Dinger, but it seems rather ironic that Dinger has now replaced a man who was supposedly better than him.