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Titans select Cal WR Lavelle Hawkins with 2nd 4th round pick

With the 126th pick in the 2008 NFL draft, acquired from the Dallas Cowboys for CB Adam Jones, the Tennessee Titans selected Cal WR Lavelle Hawkins.
After having been linked via speculation to Golden Bear wideout DeSean Jackson, the Titans have now taken two of Nate Longshore’s other targets, having previously grabbed TE Craig Stevens. Hawkins actually led the team in receptions with 72 last season. He’s bigger than Jackson, at 5’11”, 187#, but doesn’t have the same elite speed.
The encouraging new is that after coming to Cal after spending one year at a junior college, he improved his production every year, going from 18 to 46 to 72 receptions. If Jackson’s stock declined this past season, it’s because Hawkins replaced him as the primary target. As with all 4th round picks, though, there are questions in his game. He’s not really excellent at anything. He’s not a great route runner (something he shares with Jackson). He may also be a product of the system.
While I agreed the Titans could use help at WR, and expected them to pick one in the draft, I’m surprised they waited this long to do it. The problem with 4th round WRs is they’re generally not ready to contribute immediately. And with Paul Williams, Chris Davis, and Biren Ealy already around, it may be difficult to find practice snaps and roster spots, let alone active-day slots, for all four of those guys. This was, at least, a reasonable value pick, so there’s he has that going for him.