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Titans sign Chris Simms

Yesterday, Drexel speculated about whether or not the Titans would draft a quarterback and listed a few possible candidates.  Personally, I think it’s a real possibility, but the Titans also chose to address their immediate needs at the position, signing Chris Simms to what is reportedly a one-year deal.

This is Simms’ second go-round with the Titans, after being signed following VY’s injury against the Jaguars Week 1 of 2008.  He spent the next couple games as the backup then the rest of the year as the third-stringer, seeing his only action in the fourth quarter of the Week 17 who cares fest against the Colts when he threw two passes.  He decamped for the Broncos and a shot at a starting job last offseason, spending the year as Kyle Orton’s backup and putting in some of the worst work this side of JaMarcus Russell in his limited action (5-17, 1 interception, 5 sacks).

I saw it speculated he’s just another QB to have around, but he’s too experienced and expensive for me to think that-a vet equivalent of Alex Mortensen could’ve been had easier and cheaper.  Rather, Simms is competition for Kerry Collins, at least in the sense of an incentive to get him to renegotiate his $5.5 million base salary.  With Simms’ performance since his 2006 spleen injury, I have ZERO confidence in him should he be called upon to play, so I’m hoping Collins renegotiates, but that’s an easier hope to have when it’s not you take a sizable paycut.