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Titans sign Crumpler, or maybe not

You know what the best part of free agency is? Figuring out what’s true and what isn’t. Take, for instance, the news reports this evening surrounding the Titans and TE Alge Crumpler, late of the Atlanta Falcons. NFL Network’s Adam Schefter, whom I consider the best information source out there on NFL news, is reporting the two sides have agreed on a two-year contract, to be signed Monday. However, Crumpler’s agent, James Williams, told Titans Radio that Crumpler has not agreed to a contract with the Titans. Between the two, I think Crumpler’s agent probably has the better information, but we’ll see how the story unfolds.
For more on Crumpler, please check out Drexel’s post from when the Falcons released him. Personally, for as disgusted as I became with Bo Scaife’s play at the end of last season, and as much as the Titans need bodies at TE with Ben Troupe a UFA and Hartsock having already signed with the Atlanta Falcons, I wouldn’t mind at all if Crumpler signed elsewhere. I suspect a physical would be very revealing, but even if he passes that, I doubt he’d be the same receiving force at TE he was a couple years ago, especially having to develop chemistry with a new QB.