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Titans tab Davis to play in slot

Two years ago the Titans selected three receivers in the draft and repeated that in this year’s draft. The best of those 2005 receivers turned out to be the second one selected, Brandon Jones, and it won’t surprise me if the same will hold true this year.
Chris Davis was the second receiver selected this year, after Paul Williams and before Joel Filani, and is a guy I think can make some contributions for the Titans this year.
Davis is a natural slot receiver and should take over that position, replacing free agent departure Bobby Wade. While Jones and Roydell Williams can play all three receiver positions, they’re better suited to play outside, where Williams will compete for playing time. Filani should get a look both in the slot and outside.
One thing Davis will bring to the offense which Wade didn’t is decent speed (4.52 40-yard) and elusiveness. He also has a reputation of being a very good route runner. His 13.4 yards per catch average at Florida State is good and I understand that he picked up many of his 1,842 yards on runs after catch. That’s when he wasn’t hit immediately, which usually ended a play. Breaking tackles is not his strong suit.
He is dangerous in the open field because of his shiftiness and elusiveness, however. FSU capitalized on that to also utilize him as a punt returner and ran occasional reverses with him.
Titans special teams coach Alan Lowry will get a good look at him as a punt returner and possibly also as a kick returner this summer. The Titans will need someone for those duties following the losses of Pacman Jones and Wade this year.

  • Here’s what the Titans said about Davis after drafting him:

    “He can catch the ball and make you miss,” coach Jeff Fisher said. “He’s got really good lateral quickness.”

    “He’ll try to fill any role we throw at him,” said scout Cole Proctor. “He’ll bring an energy to the football team.”