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Titans take Eastern Michigan DE Jason Jones in 2nd round

Continuing a theme begun with 1st round pick Chris Johnson, the Titans continued to head east, taking Eastern Michigan DE Jason Jones with their second round pick, 54th overall, in the 2008 NFL Draft.
It’s not surprising to see Jones become a Titan, as both Drexel and I chose him in mock drafts we recently did. He played out of position at defensive tackle his senior year, but will be an end in the NFL. He apparently had a great day against Michigan this year, giving the Wolverines a lot of problems.
For more information on Jones, check out NFLDraft101‘s comments, Rivals, and NFL Draft Countdown.
What I find most interesting is the range where he’d been picked in the NFLDraft101 mocks: anywhere from where he was chosen to the Colts’ pick at the end of the 3rd round. And, if you look above, you see that Drexel had him as the Titans’ 2nd round pick and I got him in the 3rd round. Rick Gosselin, the respected writer for the Dallas Morning News had him 67th on his top 100. I think the Titans probably took him 10-15 picks too early, but that’s not his fault. I expect him to be a solid part of the defensive end rotation, and am looking forward to see him in in a Titans uniform.