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Titans want to bring Brown back

The Titans didn’t offer Chris Brown a contract after last season and allowed him to test the waters in free agency. Now Tennessee GM Mike Reinfeldt says he hopes they can sign Brown in time for the next minicamp on Tuesday.
The Chicago Bears are also interested in signing Brown and his agent is noncommittal.
I have mixed feelings about bringing Brown back.
One the one hand, he requested a trade last year, which didn’t go over well with the Titans or with the fans. If he didn’t want to be here, why bring him back?
On the other hand, the Titans need a veteran back and Brown brings a lot to the table. He knows the playbook, terminology and the system. Brown can step right in and be a starter if necessary. He’s a good third-down back who’s able to pick up the blitz, run a draw, or catch a pass out of the backfield.
I’d like to hear some of your opinions.