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Titans get spanked by Jags 37-17

Another week, another loss for the 2009 Tennessee Titans.

Jeff Fisher’s boys were undone by yet another shoddy defensive effort in their 37-17 loss to the Jaguars. David Garrard lit up Chuck Cecil’s troops for 323 passing yards while tossing three touchdowns.

As for the Titans’ offense, they didn’t show up until late in the second half, when the team finally started matriculating the ball down the field. Unfortunately, it was too little too late for the now 0-4 Titans.

My thoughts on today’s disaster of a game, after the jump.

The struggles continue for the Titan pass defense

The Jaguar formula for success was quite simple: Pass, pass and pass some more.

Usually a team that relies heavily on the run, the Jaguars eschewed their running game for the most part by relentlessly attacking the Titans’ defensive kryponite: Their swiss cheese pass defense.

David Garrard did his best Matt Schaub impression by killing the Titans via three/four step dropbacks. For the majority of the afternoon, Garrard picked apart the Titan pass D with slants, slants and more slants.

With valuable cogs Cortland Finnegan and Vince Fuller injured, the Titans M&M rookies; Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton, had their struggles defending the likes of Mike Sims-Walker and veteran Torry Holt.

Of course, the Titan defensive backs weren’t helped out by their pass rushers, who, despite getting two sacks, failed to sniff Garrard on far too many occasions.

Considering the Titans’ woes stopping the pass, I cringe at the thought of having to face Peyton Manning and Tom Brady over the next two games.

The QB question

Earlier this week, I asked the following question: Is it time to bench Kerry Collins?

As expected, the article prompted some good feedback and passionate arguments for and against the removal of Collins from the starting line-up. The (mostly) consensus opinion was that it was premature to bench Collins but if the Titans fell to the Jags, it may be time to give Vince his shot.  

With the Titans at 0-4, it’s definitely time for Fisher to at least consider replacing #5 with #10 as the team’s starting QB. As I mentioned in last week’s article, a game manager isn’t going to cut it for the Titans in 2009: They need a guy who is going to change games by making plays.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I proclaiming VY to be the team’s savior: One person isn’t going to make that much of a difference on a Titan team with several deficiencies. 

However, why not give Vince a shot? Collins now has more interceptions thrown (6) than touchdowns tossed (5). His QB rating is below 70 and with the Titans at 0-4, KC’s game-managing abilities have decreased in significance.

Do it, Jeff…Give Vince a chance.

Every cloud has a silver lining

A few positives from today’s game…

Kenny Britt is a stud and I’m looking forward to him becoming an even bigger part of the team’s offense. Hopefully, today was the first of many 100-yard games to come in a Tennessee Titan uniform.

His fumble hurt, but Chris Johnson is still the team’s offensive MVP. Unfortunately, his efforts have been a bit overshadowed by the Titans’ overall struggles.

Final random thoughts  

1. Always a bad sign for a defense when your two safeties lead the team in tackles: Hope finished with a team-leading 10, which Griff also chipping in with 6 stops.

2. Nice to see Jared Cook get on the board with his first two NFL catches. Hopefully, we’ll see more from Jared as the year goes on.

3. Mark Jones’ debut was anything but spectacular: 21-yard avg. on 3 kick returns, one punt return for 8 yards.

Well, at least he didn’t fumble.

4. Not a bad performance from Nate Washington today. He’s had a drop or two in recent weeks but he’s clearly a guy who can make some plays for the offense.  

5. I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again:

CRINGE at the thought of what Manning and Brady may do against the Titans’ pass defense.

Your turn, guys…What are your thoughts regarding today’s disappointing loss to the Jaguars?