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Total Titans first-round draft watch and open thread

As a Titans fan, I’ll be very interested in what happens with the first fifteen picks tonight. In a perfect world, none of the first fifteen picks would be a defensive end or a cornerback, giving the Titans the pick of the litter.
While that’s extremely unlikely to occur, several things could create a situation approximating that. There are often runs on players at a particular position and this year it should happen with offensive tackles. The Redskins, Chiefs, Seahawks, Raiders, Bills and 49ers all need OT help and there are six quality tackles worthy, or nearly so, of being selected that high.
Something else I’ll be keeping an eye on is the skill positions of QB, RB and WR. There are two ways to look at them which are favorable to the Titans. First, each skill position player selected in the top 15 leaves the remaining DEs and CBs on the board. Second, each skill player who is still available at #16 creates an opportunity for the Titans to trade down. If a team really wants to trade up to get Jimmy Clausen, Dez Bryant or C.J. Spiller at #16, the Titans could receive an extra draft pick and still get a quality player.
Seattle (#s 6 and 14), Cleveland (#7), Buffalo (#9) and Denver (#11) are teams who might take one of the aforementioned skill players.
The following teams need help in the secondary and could potentially take Joe Haden or Earl Thomas: the Seahawks (#s 6 and 14), Browns (#7), Jaguars (#10), 49ers (#13) and Giants (#15).
These teams need a 4-3 DE (or 3-4 OLB): Seattle (#s 6 and 14), Jacksonville (#10), Miami (#12), San Francisco (#13) and the Giants (#15).
I’m optimistic the Titans will have several guys they like available at #16, as in the mock draft I participated in. It will be even better if the Titans are able to trade down and still get one of their targeted players.
Please share your thoughts by commenting below, both before and during the draft tonight. I’ll be adding my thoughts as the first round progresses and will welcome your company.
Drexel and Tom will each be sharing their views later on tonight and the three of us will continue to be active throughout and following the draft. I’m looking forward to it and thank you for being part of it with us.