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Total Titans participates in bloggers mock draft

Total Titans was invited by NFL Breakdown to participate in a live mock draft earlier today on BlogTalkRadio.com. The draft was conducted with a group of bloggers like ourselves, guys who were knowledgeable fans of the teams they represented. I like that type of mock a lot better than the one-man talking heads’ mock drafts.
The mock was set up into three-minute segments to make and discuss each pick. We’ll take a look at how the mock went and which players were available for me to select from after the jump.
The first five picks went just as most of the mock drafts are predicting — Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Okung and Berry. After eleven picks, it looked very good from the Titans’ point of view. None of the guys we’ve been speculating about had been taken. At this point I was hoping the actual draft would go this way as well.
Then in the space of just over six minutes, three guys I was considering went off the board in picks 12 through 14 — Brandon Graham, Joe Haden and Derrick Morgan. It was no surprise that the Giants blogger selected Rolando McClain at #15.
I then claimed Jason Pierre-Paul at #16. The other available players I could have taken included DEs Everson Griffen and Carlos Dunlap, tweeners Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes, CB/S Earl Thomas, CB Kyle Wilson and DT Dan Williams.
What would your choice be if that’s how it goes on Draft Day?
It was interesting to listen to the other participants discuss the reasons why they selected the players they did, since they supposedly were in touch with their teams’ thoughts and needs. I didn’t join in until the tenth pick but if you have any questions about why any picks after that were made, please ask and I’ll be happy to relay the reasons given. Following is the full first (and only) round of the mock.
1. Rams: QB Sam Bradford
2. Lions: DT Ndamukong Suh 
3. Bucs: DT Gerald McCoy
4. Redskins: OT Russell Okung
5. Chiefs: S Eric Berry
6. Seahawks: OT Bryan Bulaga
7. Browns: QB Jimmy Clausen
8. Raiders: OT Trent Williams
9. Bills: OT Anthony Davis
10. Jaguars: RB CJ Spiller
11. Broncos: WR Dez Bryant
12. Dolphins: OLB Brandon Graham
13. 49ers: CB Joe Haden
14. Seahawks: DE Derrick Morgan
15. Giants: MLB Rolando McClain
16. Titans: DE Jason Pierre-Paul
17. 49ers: CB/S Earl Thomas
18. Steelers: CB Devin McCourty
19. Falcons: DE Everson Griffen
20. Texans: RB Ryan Matthews
21. Bengals: TE Jermaine Gresham
22. Patriots: DE Jared Odrick
23. Packers: G Mike Iupati
24. Eagles: CB Kyle Wilson
25. Ratbirds: OLB Sergio Kindle
26. Cardinals: CB Patrick Robinson
27. Cowboys: C Maurkice Pouncey
28. Chargers: DT Terrence Cody
29. Jets: OLB Jerry Hughes
30. Vikings: CB Kareem Jackson
31. Colts: DT Brian Price
32. Saints: OLB Sean Weatherspoon
We normally participate in several of these mock drafts every year and we will continue to write about them as they occur.