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Total Titans/Home of the Chiefs Q&A: Part II

In part I of our Q&A exchange with Home of the Chiefs, Ryan Brown answered five questions regarding the Kansas City Chiefs.

This time, I’ll be answering five questions from Ryan in his attempt to enlighten his fellow Kansas City fans about the Tennessee Titans.


1. Is Vince Young finished in Tennessee?

Good question. At the very least, considering the salary that comes with being a high 1st round draft pick, the Titans are going to keep him around for the immediate future. 

Kerry Collins has done a good job of stepping up but he’s anything but a long-term solution. Kerry can become an unrestricted FA in 09 and judging by reports, he may be interested in being another team’s starter (Kansas City, perhaps?) rather than VY’s backup. 

As for 2008, Vince’s goal should be to re-establish himself as a leader in the locker room and prepare himself to play in case of a Collins injury. 

The Titans have a lot of money invested in Vince Young and at this point, he’s probably still the team’s QB of the future. Of course, if he continues to struggle, that could change in a year or two.

Stay tuned.  

2. Is this the best Titan team ever?

Still way too early to make that proclamation.

The Titan squads from 99-00 are still regarded as the franchise’s best Tennessee-era teams.
As for the current Titans, similar to 99-00, they have a great defense and strong running game.

However, the QB position is what separates these Titans from the turn of the century teams.
Steve McNair > Collins/Young.

3. What weakness should the Chiefs try to exploit on Sunday?

Based on the decision to make RB Larry Johnson inactive on Sunday, the Titans will probably see a lot of rookie RB Jamaal Charles.

During Week 3, the Titan run defense allowed fellow rookie Steve Slaton to gain 116 yards on only 18 carries. Charles, who like Slaton, was also drafted in the 3rd round, possesses the type of speed that could give the Titans the same kind of problems they faced against Slaton and the Texans.

4. Name your offensive, defensive and special teams MVP, and why.

Offense- Chris Johnson

One of the league’s most exciting rookies, Johnson has provided the Titan offense with the dimension of speed. In addition to his ability to take it to the house on any given play, he is also a receiving threat out of the backfield and despite his small stature, he can also mix it up with the big uglies in between the tackles.

Defense- Albert Haynesworth

Albert is perhaps the league’s most dominant defensive tackle. He can stop the run, put pressure on the quarterback and his presence alone creates one-on-one opportunities for his fellow defensive linemen.

The Titans better give him a long-term deal at the end of the season because if they don’t, there are going to be more than a few franchises willing and able to show Albert the money. 

Special teams- Rob Bironas

He hasn’t missed a kick all year (8-8 FG’s, 13-13 PAT’s).

Please excuse me while I immediately knock on wood. 

The current leader for most FG’s made during a single game (8 against the Texans in 2007) Bironas is one of the league’s most reliable kickers. 

5. How do the Titans lose this game?

The Titans could lose this game if they take a page out of the Redskin/Giant playbook. Both teams recently lost against lackluster opponents despite being heavily favored to win against the Rams and the Browns. 

If the Titans play their typical smash-mouth brand of football, put some pressure on your young signal-caller and don’t turnover the football, they should continue to be the league’s lone unbeaten team. 

Drexel’s prediction: Tennessee 27 Kansas City 9