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Update on Pacman trade and other Titan tidbits

The beginning of April is usually the time of year when football takes a backseat to other sporting events. This week marked the beginning of the Major League baseball season. College basketball’s March Madness is close to its conclusion as the Final Four takes place this weekend. In addition to those monumental events, the NBA season is starting to heat up as the postseason approaches.
Fortunately, for NFL aficionados everywhere, the excitement of the NFL Draft will be upon us later this month. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of the Tennessee Titans as of late.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the majority of Titan fans have been following the Titans’ attempt to trade their problematic cornerback Pacman Jones to the Dallas Cowboys. The once promising trade talks have hit a snag as a result of both teams failing to come to an agreement on the compensation involved as well as some salary cap issues regarding Pacman’s repayment of a partial amount of his 2005 signing bonus.
As a result of his off the field transgressions, there has been irreparable damage done to the relationship between the Titans and Pacman. Thus, it is probably in the best interests of both parties for the trade to be completed. The recent snags in the potential deal have likely served as a means of only delaying the inevitable, as I have a hard time believing that Pacman will ever wear a Titans’ uniform again.
Within the last few days, the Titans have reached terms with CB/KR Chris Carr on an offer sheet. The deadline for Oakland’s decision to either match or not match the offer is approaching. Picking up Carr would provide the Titans with a solid return man and some depth at the corner position. The beauty of the potential acquisition is that the Titans don’t have to give the Raiders any compensation if Al Davis decides to allow Carr to leave.
As we all know, the NFL Draft is only a few weeks away. The league gave out its annual compensation picks this week, and the Titans were awarded an extra 4th round selection. The NFL utilizes a complicated formula to determine the compensation a team will receive as a result of the net loss of free agents during the prior year. The extra 4th rounder gives the Titans another pick to devote towards depth at positions such as the offensive and defensive lines. 
That’s a recap of recent Titan-related events during the doldrums of the NFL offseason. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the opening week of baseball and the Final Four and in a few weeks, we’ll have the draft to discuss.