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Upon Further Review: Titans Offense v Bills, First Half

Last week, I introduced Upon Further Review, my play-by-play breakdown of the Titans’ performance their previous game. Since it’s still the preseason, UFR is still offense-only, and only the starters at that, but that’s what’s most important anyway.
Among the starters, the most important is the QB. Last week, I thought Vince Young mostly struggled, but mentioned I wasn’t going to be concerned off one game’s performance. In my brief thoughts, I mentioned from first viewing that I thought VY had played much better. Of I also mentioned Hartsock had been exclusively an in-line blocker, something that I realized upon rewatching the game was wrong enough to be silly. So, how did VY really do?
Pretty darn well, I’d say. For full details, check out the full play-by-play breakdown. For a quick summary, just check out the updated pass chart:

@ Pats 0 12.5 4.5 3 1 3
@ Bills 1 14.5 1.5 1 2 2

DO = Dead On, CA = Catchable, IN = Inaccurate, BR = Bad Read, SCR = Scramble, PR = Pressure. For more on how I grade each throw, please see the explanation. Compared to New England? Fewer bad throws, fewer plays influenced by pressure, fewer bad reads, plus one of the coveted Dead Ons. I am now officially Not Worried about Vince Young. I may be pessimistic about most other parts of the team, but QB is the most important position, and looks like it could be as great a strength as we hoped for.
As indicated above, and contrary to my previous post, I’m not going to put up UFR for defense for any of the preseason games, though I have done most of the work. Your next installment of UFR will be a review of the first team offense’s production against Green Bay. As I’m a Chicagoland resident, I have to wait for the NFL Network re-broadcast of the game, which won’t be until Sunday morning. UFR is thus likely not to appear until Sunday evening or sometime on Labor Day Monday.