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Veteran quarterback options for the Titans revisited

We looked at this before, and now that the draft is over, it’s time to look at it again.

Now that the Titans have drafted Jake Locker with the eighth overall pick, we know there are several veteran quarterbacks they won’t trade for.  Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton and Matt Flynn won’t wear two-tone blue.  They all have quite a few years left in them and won’t be needed by the Titans.  Carson Palmer won’t be traded for either, though it remains to be seen whether he’ll play again or retire.

The Titans will be looking for a caretaker, someone to start for perhaps a season, probably less.  Primary candidates include Kerry Collins, Matt Hasselbeck, Donovan McNabb and Marc Bulger.

In January, Drexel wrote articles looking at most of the quarterbacks who the Titans might acquire, including these pieces where he gave his take on Hasselbeck and McNabb.  I added one on Collins.  Neither of us wrote any articles solely about Bulger, or another possibility at the time, Chad Pennington, who has since torn an ACL.  I did mention them, and other possibilities, in this offseason QB positional analysis in February.
Following those articles, we ran a poll asking which veteran QB you preferred.  Palmer was the winner, followed by Orton and Kolb, with McNabb fourth.  The complete results of that poll are here.
Now we’re starting a new poll, asking again which veteran QB do you want the Titans to acquire?  The choices in our new poll are (alphabetically) Bulger, Collins, Hasselbeck and McNabb, who are the most likely candidates.  We’d love to see your votes and read your opinion.  If there’s anyone else you’d like to see included in the poll, please mention it in the comments.