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Vikings questions for Total Titans

Thanks again to Anthony Hall. the lead writer at MVN’s Vikings site, Vikings War Cry for participating in this question and answer exchange wit Total Titans. Yesterday, I posted my questions for him, along with his answers. Following are his questions to me, with my answers.
Vikings War Cry: The Titans have started the season 3-0, and their stock seems to be rising quite a bit throughout the league — but how much of their fast start has been a result of their weak schedule?
Total Titans: I respectfully disagree with the “weak schedule” tag. Yes, the Titans did face the Bungles in Week Two, but their other two wins were against quality opponents, in Jacksonville and Houston. The Jaguars are one of the most physical teams in the NFL and the Titans outslugged them. The Texans are not a team to be taken lightly and have the talent to beat any team in the league. Hey, they were 8-8 last year and have bolstered their roster with a few solid additions. We’ll face both teams again this year, and the Vikings will also have to face both of them. Vikings fans will find out just how good they are when they face them later this season.
VWC: What is your read on Vince Young’s future with the Titans, and his future in the NFL as a whole?
TT: Vince needs to grow up and gain some maturity. Is he a great athlete? Yes. Can he once again become a great player? Yes. Will he? Time will tell. Right now, the keys to the car have been turned over to Kerry Collins. He’s been there and done that. He took a team to the Super Bowl and he’s seen every defense a coordinator can try to throw at him. Chris Simms is now the #2 guy. I’m not sure if Vince will get back on the field this year or not. The ball is in his court. What he does with it will determine his future. One thing we do know is that he won’t play against the Vikings on Sunday.
VWC: Looking at how the Titans match up with the Vikings, which matchup should fans in Minnesota be most concerned about?
TT: Good question. I like the Titans’ secondary versus the Vikings’ passing game. Maybe they’ll make a pick or two and perhaps even run one back for a pick-six. One play like that could win the game.
VWC: What is the single biggest key to the game for the Titans, and what is your predicted final score?
TT: Special teams play, also known as the kicking game, should determine the outcome. This ought to be a real close game, with one play on defense or special teams making the difference. If there was rain in the weather forecast, I’d anticipate a score of 7-6 or 10-7, something like that. However, there is no rain in the forecast, so add a touchdown to each side. Maybe it’ll be 13-10, 14-13 or 17-14. Something like that, a low scoring game, I’ll make a homer pick. Titans 17, Vikings 13. I haven’t looked at the betting lines yet, but whatever the over/under is, put your money on the under. I don’t see a lot of points being scored. Do you?