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Vin-sanity! Titans defeat Cards in 20-17 thriller

Led by the exploits of the comeback kid a.k.a. Vince Young, the Tennessee Titans punctuated a 99-yard drive with a game-winning Kenny Britt TD reception in their exciting 20-17 victory over the Cardinals.

Vince threw for a career-high 387 yards as he added yet another chapter to his comeback story. Rookie Kenny Britt, in addition to snagging the game-winning grab, accounted for an impressive 128 yards on 7 receptions.

More on today’s thrilling Tennessee Titan victory…after the jump.

The comeback kids

Vince Young and Kenny Britt both overcame their own self-made adversities by combining on the winning touchdown.

Prior to the end of the second quarter, Vince took a sack which led to the Titans coming up empty on their final drive of the first half. Meanwhile, Kenny Britt’s fumble after making a 51-yard catch almost served as the nail in the coffin of the team’s hopes of securing their fifth consecutive victory.

Fortunately, both players were able to redeem themselves at the end. VY looked John Elway-esque as he led the Titans to victory via his 99-yard drive. Britt was on the receiving end of Young’s game-winning touchdown pass, elevating high to make an impressive catch with Arizona Cardinals draped all over him.

While I’m excited about VY’s continued progress in his travels down the road to redemption, I’m also enthused about Britt’s future in Nashville. He’s a physical guy who makes the tough catches and has the speed to get downfield. He’s still a bit raw, but it’s pretty obvious that he has what it takes to become a pretty adequate receiver in this league.

Some thoughts on the defense

With Kurt Warner taking the day off as a result of symptoms stemming from last week’s concussion, one would think that the Titans would have an easier time dealing with former USC standout/NFL flame-out Matt Leinart.

Chuck Cecil’s boys did an ok job containing Leinart and preventing Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin from making big plays. Against the run, the bruising Tim Hightower ran with reckless abandon but fortunately for the Titans, he only carried the ball 11 times on the afternoon.

The Titan defense didn’t play spectacularly but they were flying around the football and playing physical. Sure, they only sacked Leinart once and didn’t force any turnovers. However, they played a spirited game and still look worlds better than they did prior to the team’s five-game win streak.

Final Random Thoughts

That Chris Johnson kid is pretty good.

Jared Cook made a couple of catches for 29 yards on the aforementioned 99-yard game-winning drive.
Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more from the talented youngster moving forward.

It was also nice to see “The Hawk” Lavelle Hawkins soar a bit with his 4 catches for 44 yards.

I like Nate Washington and what he brings to the table, but he’s gotta make that grab on third-down in the game’s final moments.

Thankfully, the VY-to-Britt combination came through on the next play.

Speaking of combos, holding Fitz/Boldin to a combined 87 yards is no small feat.
Kudos to the Titan defensive backs for doing an adequate job on two of the league’s best WR’s.

Believe it or not, but at 5-6, the Titans are right back in the playoff race. Next up for the Titans: a divisional showdown with Peyton Manning and the 11-0 Colts.

As always, that matchup should be a lot of fun.

What are your thoughts regarding the Titans sensational 20-17 comeback victory over Arizona?