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VY on VY

Pardon the lack of content from me of late; Andrew keeps writing the posts I plan to write before I have a chance to write them, plus the press of other obligations is ongoing.  So, rather than a substantive post, I’ll write about something interesting that I think flew further under the radar than it should have.

The Titans-related interview making the rounds of late has been LenDale White’s, shall I say, slightly idiosyncratic view that the problem with the 2009 Titans is that LenDale White didn’t get enough carries.  Were I a fan of the Seahawks and Mr. White, I’d be pleased at his confidence in himself, but as he’s now a Seahawk and I never thought he was particularly good, I don’t really care.  Instead, I strongly commend to you Vince Young’s interview with a Houston radio station.  It’s from back in March, but I finally had a chance to listen to the whole thing last week and the quotes don’t do it justice.  It’s not so explicitly philosophical as the great Mike Reinfeldt talk, and there are no killer quotes like White provided, but in terms of Vince Young talking about his life, career, and his evolution as an NFL QB, it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever heard.