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What is it with Titans’ seventh-round cornerbacks?

Will the tradition continue with Cary Williams?
The Titans have had some success drafting cornerbacks in the seventh round recently. Three years ago, they selected Reynaldo Hill in the seventh round and he won a starting job by October, beating out veteran Andre Woolfolk, a former first-round pick. Two years ago, they drafted Cortland Finnegan in the seventh round. He was the starting nickelback on opening day in 2006 and won a starting job at corner last year. Finnegan is definitely a keeper.
Will good things happen for the Titans with this year’s seventh round pick, CB Cary Williams from Washburn?
Mention the name Washburn and the first thing Titans’ fans think of is d-line coach Jim Washburn. I never knew Washburn was also a college until Cary Williams was drafted. A lot of people also had never heard of Samford until Finnegan was drafted two years ago.
So how will Williams fit in with the Titans? The first thing that came to my mind was as a gunner. DBs typically make good gunners — assuming they have speed and are good tacklers. If not, do you really want to see them playing in the secondary?
I sure don’t see a seventh-round rookie draft pick beating Finnegan, Nick Harper or Vince Fuller out for a starting job. Eric King is also ahead of him on the depth chart, as is Hill. But I can easily see Williams as the fifth man on the depth chart. The opportunity is sure there. If Williams demonstrates some skills in man coverage, he can pass Hill in the pecking order. Man coverage is not Hill’s forte.
It’s not Harper’s strong suit either and he’s getting old. I’d have to guess that if someone beats out Harper, King will be the one to do it, but Williams will certainly have a chance as well.
There are also a few other CBs and DBs in the picture, such as Chris Carr, who might turn out to be a CB, NB or S. Who knows? It will be interesting to watch all of these guys in camp.
Are you superstitious? If so, the name Williams is not a fortuitous omen. Remember Tank Williams? He was a fairly decent and promising young safety until he tore an ACL. Tackle Todd Williams was a joke. Receivers Mike and Paul Williams didn’t do diddly squat last year. The only Williams who has really contributed lately was Roydell, who tied for the team lead in receptions last year. And that was after two unproductive seasons.
I’m not superstitious but I’m counting on my lucky rabbit’s foot and four-leaf clover for the good luck of seventh-round cornerbacks to outweigh the bad luck of the name Williams for the Titans.