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What do you do with a Ratbird hat?

Well, if there’s a bright spot from the Ratbirds game, this is it for me. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. OK, here’s the situation I was in. I’ll tell you what happened and what I did, and then I want to hear your comments about what you would do in the same situation. Titans vs Ratbirds, it’s halftime with the score tied 7-7, and I go to the facilities. After taking care of business, I’m heading out the door behind some real stupid-looking goofus dressed in fugly purple and he drops something on the floor..

So I have a quick decision to make. Being born and raised in Tennessee, I was brought up right and I believe in Southern hospitality so the first thought that came to mind was to holler out, “Hey, Buddy, you dropped something!”
Instead, the second option was more attractive, and really, irresistible, since what the guy dropped was a fugly purple-arsed Ratbird hat. So I couldn’t resist the urge to raise my right foot and stomp down on that fugly hat with a size 12 boot. And it felt so good that I wanted to let my left foot get in on the action, so another size 12 boot stomped that sorry-arsed fugly hat. That felt pretty good, so I jumped up in the air and let about 230 pounds or so, plus several pounds of Titans clothing and paraphernalia, land on the fugly Ratbird hat.
Then, just in case I missed a spot on the hat, I gave it another stomp, just to make sure. Then I gave it a swift kick into the wall before I left.
So tell me, did I do the right thing? What would you have done in that situation? Option number one, being polite and showing some Southern hospitality, or would you choose the course of action which I took?
And then, after the fact, I thought of a third option. I could have picked up the fugly hat after I was done stomping on it and then dropped it in a urinal for Titans fans to p*** on it the rest of the night.