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What will Vince Young’s role be this year?

Patrick Ramsey, a seven-year NFL veteran, is one of several free agents who have visited the Titans recently. He’s also a quarterback, which raises questions about Vince Young once again.
Does it mean the Titans are simply looking for a third quarterback? A replacement for Chris Simms, who signed with Denver, Ramsey’s former team?
Or is it another sign that the Titans don’t have complete confidence in Young?
After throwing two interceptions in the season opener last year, and being booed, he didn’t play again until Week Thirteen in mop-up duty against the hapless Lions. Young’s third appearance in 2008 was in the Week Seventeen scrimmage against the Colts.

As long as Kerry Collins remains healthy and plays reasonably well and the Titans are winning this year, I doubt if Young will do much more than he did last season. But what happens if Collins isn’t healthy or playing well or if the Titans aren’t winning?
Will Young step in as the backup quarterback? Or will that #2 job be up for grabs in training camp, with Vince competing with Ramsey or someone else?
I believe the Titans still don’t have complete confidence in Young. I also believe that Young can win back the confidence of his teammates and coaches if he works hard at it this summer.
By working hard at it, I mean working to correct some of the supposed flaws in his game, such as those mentioned by an anonymous coordinator who ripped him in this article.
Well, he can improve his accuracy by working on his fundamentals with quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson and with Mike Heimerdinger. He can also spend time with them and with Collins to learn how to read defenses better. (If either of these are indeed necessary.)
The important thing though, is to work to regain the confidence of his coaches and teammates. And when he gets the chance in preseason, he needs to take advantage of it and make a good showing.
I’m predicting Vince will succeed and emerge from training camp as the #2 again. What do you think, Titans fans?