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What’s the skinny with Albert Haynesworth?

Albert Haynesworth’s future with the Titans has been speculated on for a while, including on this site. Now Albert’s agent claims there has been “no significant movement” in contract talks.
It doesn’t sound like much to me, just some agentspeak. Agents have been known to posture before (gasp!) so if that’s the case here, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.
It doesn’t really seem like “news” to me, but things are slow at this time of year. After Jim Wyatt reported the so-called “news” in The Tennessean the other day, the other local media picked up on it, probably because they didn’t have anything else to “report”.
It is something that can be talked about, though. I may be totally wrong here, but I believe the Titans have already given Albert an offer which they believe is fair, not a lowball offer. If so, then Albert and his agent obviously don’t agree and are hoping to get a better deal.
Will Albert change his mind and accept the offer on the table, assuming there is a legitimate one? Or will he let the July 15 deadline for a long-term deal pass?
It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which Albert holds out and reports late to camp. Maybe even out of shape (another gasp!). I certainly hope that doesn’t happen but it’s well within the realm of possibility in the current environment.
Of course, the Titans hold the trump card, the franchise tag, which Albert’s agent wants them to relinquish in exchange for signing the one-year tender. A nice maneuver, but one that’s almost totally one-sided.
My best guess at this time is that Albert will play under the franchise tag this year. The Titans will have the right to do it again next year, but somehow I get the gut feeling they won’t.
What are your thoughts on the situation?