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What’s your plan for Titans tickets?

I had the opportunity Thursday afternoon to swing by LP Field and chat with a few fans who were lined up to buy single-game tickets going on sale Saturday morning. The first ones in line arrived Monday, the latest just minutes before I got there.
One fan from the Bristol area, whom I’ve chatted with in past years, enjoys the annual ritual. He said most of the people in line are regulars who do this every year. They enjoy each other’s company and the camaraderie, something he also mentioned a year or two ago. Due to his family’s work, school and family schedules, he said they’d only be able to attend the Bills game this year.
That’s a real fan. He and his family drove 300 miles to sleep in a tent for several days, waiting for tickets for just one game.
Another man and his wife are looking forward to the Cardinals game. It seemed like everyone had their favorite games targeted for various reasons.

What about you, readers? Will any of you be in line to get tickets on Saturday morning? Will you arrive later this week or wait until early Saturday morning and hope for the best?
Will any of you stand in line to buy tickets at a Ticketmaster outlet? Any suggestions?
How many of you will buy tickets online? For those of you who do that regularly, please feel free to share a few tips for best results. About the best advice I can give is to make sure you have an active Ticketmaster account set up ahead of time. You don’t want to be wasting time setting one up Saturday morning while others are buying tickets.
Although that’s the best advice I can offer, I do have a little more. Requesting “best available” or “any available” will usually yield results (if you don’t wait past 10:00 A.M. CT.) Requesting specific seating preferences severely limits your chances of getting any tickets.
Enlist the help of your friends. Two computers can do twice the work of one.
If you’re going by yourself to games, purchasing single tickets is much easier than getting tickets in pairs, threes, etc. I know one guy who for years got singles to every game, with the help of a few friends (see above tip) and their computers. The only drawback to that, if it’s something that mattered to you, is that you’d be in a different part of the stadium just about every time.
Another question for you guys – which tickets will you be trying to get? Here’s the quick list of Titans home games:
Sep 20 vs Texans
Oct 11 vs Colts (Sunday night, NBC)
Nov 1 vs Jaguars
Nov 15 vs Bills
Nov 29 vs Cardinals
Dec 13 vs Rams
Dec 20 vs Dolphins
Dec 25 vs Chargers (Friday, Christmas night, NFLN) 
And for those of you in other parts of the country, here’s the schedule of away games:
Sep 10 at Pittsburgh (Thursday night, NBC)
Sep 27 at NY Jets
Oct 4 at Jacksonville
Oct 18 at New England
Nov 8 at San Francisco
Nov 23 at Houston (Monday night, ESPN)
Dec 6 at Indianapolis
Jan 3 at Seattle


(The full regular season schedule is here.)
What’s the plan, Stan? What are you doing Saturday morning?