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Which Titan gets a game ball vs the Giants?

You make the call. Which player is most deserving of a game ball for the Titans’ 29-10 victory over the Giants?
Four players are at the top of my list for consideration and we’ll look at them after the jump.
Vince Young — 10/16, 118 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, 105.7 passer rating
I was greatly encouraged by Vince’s play after his disappointing game a week ago. He was accurate and made good decisions for the most part. I heard a great stat from Frank Wycheck — Vince is 16-1 as a starter when he doesn’t throw a pick.
Chris Johnson — 32 rushes, 125 yards, 2 TDs
CJ has got me spoiled. His longest run was “only” 42 yards and he had “only” 125 for the day.  I somehow felt it was a less than a good day for him. It’s a nice problem to have when you feel 125 yards and 2 TDs isn’t up to his standards.
Michael Griffin — 12 tackles, 1 FF
Griffin made two plays that I thought were huge. The first was his catch of a punt to pin the Giants on their one-yard line. The Titans got a safety three plays later, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for the great field position established by Griffin. His second huge play was stripping Ahmad Bradshaw at the Titans’ five-yard line, which probably cost the G-men a touchdown.
Stephen Tulloch — 13 tackles, 1 PD
Talk about someone who was making tackles all over the field. Tulloch didn’t look good in coverage on a few plays but that’s never been his strong suit. The linebacker corps ought to look pretty good in a few weeks with Tulloch, Witherspoon and McRath.
We have a new poll on our front page where you can vote for a game ball for one of these players. Please cast your ballot there and discuss it back here.
My vote goes to Vince for a great job.
If there was a vote for the booby prize, my vote would go to Jeff Fisher for not challenging what should have been a touchdown by Ahmard Hall.