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Which Titan will be cut next?

We now have our “final” 53-man roster, at least for a few hours. The Titans have traditionally picked up a guy or two off the waiver wire the day after final cutdowns. The players they pick up don’t usually make much of a contribution, if any, but occasionally they get a good one, such as Eric King two years ago.
Earlier this morning, Drexel looked at some players who the Titans might pick up.
Here’s what I’m wondering. If the Titans get one player off the waiver wire, who gets cut to make room for him? Who’s the second guy who will get the axe if the Titans pick up two new players?
This is how the roster looks now:
QB (2) – Young, Collins
RB (4) – White, Johnson, Henry, Ganther
FB (1) – Hall
WR (6) – Gage, McCareins, Jones, Hawkins, P. Williams, Davis
TE (4) – Crumpler, Scaife, Stevens, Blakley
OL (8) – Roos, Amano, Mawae, Scott, Stewart, Harris, Loper, Otto
Subtotal Offense – 25 players
DE (5) – Vanden Bosch, Kearse, Ford, Hayes, Ball
DT (4) – Haynesworth, Brown, Jones, Vickerson
LB (7) – Bulluck, Thornton, Fowler, Tulloch, Allred, Stamer, Keglar
CB (5) – Finnegan, Harper, King, Hill, Carr
S (4) – Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Nickey
Subtotal Defense – 25 players
P (1) – Hentrich
K (1) – Bironas
LS (1) – Amato
I’ve got to predict Otto will be the first one cut. A fourth tackle is expendable. Even if he sticks, he’ll be inactive every week and won’t make a contribution. And it’s not like the Titans need to protect him — they’ve just locked up their two starting OTs with six-year contracts.
The second cut, if there is one, is tougher to predict. It could be Williams, Davis, Allred, Stamer, Ball or Ganther. There are pros and cons for cutting or keeping each of them.
Of course, if another DT is picked up, Vickerson is out. If another WR is obtained, I don’t see how Paul Williams stays.
What do you think?