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Who was the Titans’ best sixth round draft pick?

Now that the 2010 draft is over, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to look back at previous drafts, focusing on one round at a time, and selecting the best draft pick from each round. Looking at the Titans’ seventh round picks, Cortland Finnegan stands out as the best selection the Titans have ever made in that round. No contest. Therefore, we’ll now proceed to the sixth round.
Several years from now, when we look back at sixth-round picks, we can discuss how this year’s sixth-rounders, Rusty Smith and Myron Rolle, stack up against previous Round Six picks. Today, I ask you: Who do you think is the best player the Titans have drafted in the sixth round?
All of Tennessee’s sixth-round picks are listed after the jump. I’ve only gone back to 1997, when the franchise moved to Tennessee.
1997 LB Dennis Stallings
1998 DB Lee Wiggins
1999 WR Darran Hall
2000 DL Robaire Smith: 5 years, 65 games, 29 starts, 12 sacks, 126 tackles, 1 FF, 2 FR
2001 RB Dan Alexander
2001 G Adam Haayer
2002 C Justin Hartwig: 4 years, 50 games, 47 starts
2004 FB Troy Fleming
2005 TE Bo Scaife: 5 years, 76 games, 49 starts, 215 receptions, 2,065 yards, 8 TDs
2006 WR Jonathan Orr
2007 WR Joel Filani
2007 DE Jacob Ford
2007 CB Ryan Smith
2009 CB Jason McCourty
2009 WR Dominique Edison
The stats I’ve provided are only for the player’s time as a Titan; they do not include stints with other teams.
There’s a new poll on the front page, asking for your opinion. In this poll, I’ve only included Smith, Hartwig and Scaife, for obvious reasons. Too bad that not more of the sixth-round picks were productive enough to merit consideration. Hopefully, both of this year’s sixth-rounders will be better than the others listed above.
Smith, Hartwig or Scaife? Which one do you think was the best draft pick?