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Why Mario Williams could become a Tennessee Titan

Ordinarily the Tennessee Titans organization has not participated in the bidding for high profile, high dollar free agents and new General Manager Ruston Webster seems unlikely to change that corporate philosophy.

Circumstances are such, though, that Titans owner Bud Adams may now enthusiastically bid for one.  While he customarily leaves personnel decisions up to his football people, he could make an exception in the case of Mario Williams.

If Super Mario had played in any other NFL city, Adams probably wouldn’t be interested.  Because Mario’s with Houston, Adams’ hometown and the former home of his franchise, I believe Bud would be very interested in him.

In 2006, Bud seemed to delight in drafting Vince Young, a Houston native, when the city and half of Texas, it seemed, wanted him to become the property of the Houston Texans.  Drafting Vince was a way Bud could thumb his nose at the city that wouldn’t build him a new stadium and led to the moving of his franchise.

“VY is my guy,” Bud boasted.  We never heard Bud brag about any other draft picks before or since then, but VY was a Houston hero that Bud snatched away from them.

When the Titans visited Houston that year and half the fans at the game were wearing Vince Young jerseys, it seemed like it had to be one of Bud’s favorite moments, especially when Vince scored the winning touchdown.

Signing the Texans’ best player away from them would be a very similar situation.  It could give Bud one more chance, maybe his last one, to thumb his nose at the city of Houston.