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Why releasing Dwayne Blakley makes no sense

In my post yesterday on the Chris Simms signing, I speculated the the Titans would release RB Quinton Ganther or LB Colin Allred to open up the necessary roster spot. The Titans, however, chose to release TE Dwayne Blakley. This, I submit, does not make sense.
Blakley, you see, is entering his 5th year in the NFL. There’s this rule, called the “vested veteran” rule, that applies to players like Blakley who have four or more years of NFL service. If they’re on the opening day roster, then their entire salary for that season is guaranteed. Yes, even if they’re released after week one, like Blakley has been. I don’t know what Blakley’s salary was for this year, but it was at least $605,000. Blakley gets that full amount, and it also counts against the Titans cap for this year. If the Titans had instead cut, say, Allred, whose base salary this year is $370,000, the Titans would have been out 1/17 of that, or $21,765. By keeping Blakley for week 1, the Titans cost themselves in terms of salary cap space and actual out-of-pocket expense by owner Bud Adams about $580,000. Oh, and for those who don’t remember, Blakley was among the inactives in Week 1.
I know that by bringing Blakley back the team wanted to right the mistake it probably made in 2004 but cutting him, but that’s a pretty expensive lesson. If you’re Bud Adams, do you think this is a wise use of your team’s resources? Would you be concerned that Coach Fisher and GM Reinfeldt would be this short-sighted?