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Will Carr change the Titans’ draft plans?

The Oakland Raiders have until today to match the Titans’ offer sheet to Chris Carr.
On the surface, it seems as if the likely acquisition of Carr is no big deal. A backup defensive back who can also return kicks and punts. A good pickup but nothing extraordinary.
Where Carr may make an immediate difference is in the Titans’ thinking about the draft.
WR DeSean Jackson‘s skills as a returner may suddenly not be as valuable. If Jackson is still available when the Titans select at the 24th spot in the first round, do the Titans pass on him and opt for a defensive end or defensive tackle?
It makes sense. The draft for receivers is not top heavy this year but there is adequate depth. If the Titans pass on Jackson because his return skills aren’t needed, they could still select a receiver later in the draft.
I’m not sold on the need for a receiver in the first round, but I wouldn’t have a problem with Jackson, like I would with others. The chances of the Titans drafting him, however, now seem a lot less.